Time is Money

August 23, 2023

by Arthur Gerstein

Save time and money with the best gift receipting solution… ReceipterPro!


If you are using Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge NXT and you want to speed up processing of Receipts, Acknowledgement Letters, Soft Credit Letters, Ack-Receipts and Annual Summary Receipts, we should talk!

Our software can save your organization a significant amount of TIME. Remember what a “batch” is? Now that there is no Mail Merge for RE/NXT users, your Gift Processors have to spend MORE TIME processing “letters”, increasing your internal costs. ReceipterPro® processes “batches”, like in the “olden days”.

Book a “Discovery Tour” with me, and I will guide you through an essential assessment to discover how much TIME and MONEY your organization is wasting by NOT processing with ReceipterPro®!

It’s easy – email me — Art Gerstein — at info@donortek.com

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